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You will feel the SwimFresh difference from the moment you immerse yourself in
pure, energised, oxygenated water. Chlorine Free!

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100% Chlorine Free, Bromine and Salt Free Pools

For over 30 years, SwimFresh has set the standard for pool and spa ozone water purification systems that keep Australian families healthy, refreshed and invigorated. SwimFresh pool and spa water is so pure and natural; it really is like swimming in silk.

Combining three natural sanitisers - silver ions, ozone and copper ions - SwimFresh's range of Oxy Silver Purifiers sets the silver standard in supercharged oxygenated water for health, vitality and refreshment. Because SwimFresh is designed and manufactured right here in Australia, it is the most superior Swimming Pool purification system on the market, engineered to suit our exacting standards and unique conditions. You will feel the SwimFresh Difference from the moment you immerse yourself in pure, energised, oxygenated water which is salt-free and chlorine free.

Unlike other systems on the market, SwimFresh produces no chlorine what so ever, making it a revolutionary unique system. Nothing compares in quality of design, and purity of water produced. Tried & tested Australia wide with outstanding results, producing crystal clear “Water So Safe You Could Drink It.”

It is a known fact that since 1984 every Olympic pool throughout the world is using Ozone Sanitation because the European Olympic swimmers will not swim in anything else but Ozone. The water treated with Ozone is extremely soft & pleasurable to swim in. Our pools are truly chlorine free & salt-free.

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  • We had the SwimFresh system installed in our 15,000L pool in December 2015 after encountering unending problems with salt chlorination. The difference in water quality is amazing and we don\'t need to be concerned with corrosion from the salt water in the pool. Most importantly the great advantage of this system is that it\'s very gentle on the skin and eyes, especially when young children use the pool through summer. The system works brilliantly and apart from regular monitoring it needs very little in the way of maintenance compared to the more traditional salt water system. The number of input chemicals is also reduced so you don\'t have to keep going back to the pool shop for all the different chemicals. The after sale service from Jutta and Leith is fantastic and they\'re always able to assist with queries and questions. We thoroughly recommend this system to anyone who values great water quality!

    Lisa & Wojtek, Kardinya

  • My wife and I recently had a Healing Fresh Water System installed into our newly renovated swimming pool and after 2 months of operation we are so far delighted with the result. Leith arrived on the chosen day and very efficiently installed the system, turned it on and gave a great explanation of its operation. We love swimming in Fresh Oxygenated, crystal clear Water and have no hesitation in recommending Healing Fresh for anyone considering this system.

    Kim and Anna Larsen

  • Swimming in our SwimFresh pool is like taking a dip in a freshwater lake. We have no itchy eyes, no chlorine smell, no more bathers falling apart from toxic chemicals, no need to waste more water by taking a shower after every swim! our pool is really clear, clean water.

    Jane in Cottesloe

  • Since changing our whole filter system to Swim Fresh we have not had one problem. We had a lot of problems with another fresh water system before switching to Swim Fresh. It is the easiest pool to look after and a delight to swim in.

    We have had many comments from people saying how nice the water is to swim in. It is cheaper to run than a chlorine or salt pool as there are hardly any chemicals needed.

    Having a local WA agent makes it so easy to contact them to ask for any advice if needed. The service I have had from the SwimFresh team is excellent.

    Jennie Deykin

  • 12 months ago we had Healing water supplies install an ozone system into our pool.

    Being very health conscious we refuse to use the conventional chlorine methods and have tried different systems with good success, but very expensive and time consuming.

    We had a few reservations at first as to whether this Ozone system could cope with such a large pool ( 85,000 litres)

    It has now been 12 months of pure bliss, perfectly sparkling clear water, hardly any power cost\'s and the added benefit of one of the healthiest waters to swim in.

    Leith and Jutta Wilkinson are professionals in this game and I have no hesitation in recommending them for all pool needs.
    Plus they are really nice people.

    Lance & Beverley Hand - Geraldton

  • I just love my pool, Leith and Jutta came up and installed my SwimFresh System in October 2014 and I was impressed with their service and dedication to making sure I fully understood how to care for Fresh water pool. They never rushed the visit and still pop in every time they visit Geraldton. Good old fashioned service.

    They said I would need to add a little bit of Ozone Accelerator and Ozone Activator during the swimming season, but I never did, I have 3 dogs that swim in the pool regularly and was amazed how easy the pool is to look after.

    As I built my pool myself Leith gave me good tips and a thorough plan to build a pool with exceptional circulation and SwimFresh has never missed a beat keeping it fresh and clear.

    My pool is a huge 13m x 6m wide and is 145,000litre and I cannot highly recommend Swimfresh enough to anyone who is looking at having a pool that is truely chlorine free.

    Bruce Perry, Geraldton, Western Australia

  • We had a SwimFresh Ozone purification system installed in our new pool last Spring. Being able to swim in fresh water, without the stinging eyes and smell of chlorine has been a revelation. The water cleanliness and quality has been superb.

    We have an automatic pH controller which trickles in a very small amount of acid when needed to maintain the pH, but that is really the only thing we need to buy.

    The sales backup and maintenance from Healing Waters has been exemplary, and we can\'t recommend both them and the SwimFresh system highly enough.

    Richard and Michelle, Mount Claremont, Western Australia

  • In December 2014 we engaged Healing Waters to install a SwimFresh OSP100 into our recently installed 45,000L pool. The installation was prompt and efficient and the quality of the product is second to none. A fresh water system without chemicals was always on my wish list after I read about Ozone systems on the internet. A visit to the yearly pool show was in order and that was where we came across Leith and Jutta at Healing Waters. Having a no chlorine injection or salt/chlorine system made this a no brainer solution to us as a family.

    It\'s nice to have a swim and not have to then bother about having a shower to get rid of the chlorine and salt afterwards. Friends are wowed with the feel (and taste!) of the water and to some people, no concerns over chlorine and salt skin reactions are a huge plus.

    The SwimFresh unit incorporates a copper/silver ionisation system that prevents bacteria & algae growth. This is part of our SwimFresh OSP100 system and functions flawlessly alongside the gentle bubbling of Ozone coming through the pipes on the return lines into the pool. Our water is highly oxygenated and this can be seen after plunging into the water followed by fizzing and bubbling all around you. You generally do not get this extent of oxygen content in normal pools. Running costs are very low with the SwimFresh unit costing less than 1 unit of electricity a day - about 22 cents per day based on 8 hours running per day - less in winter (about half ). I run with a variable speed pump so over all it probably costs me about $1.00 per day for the total system including pump.

    Another added advantage to this system is when back washing. The water can be used on your gardens as there are no chemicals as mentioned above. A great feature in today\'s world and here in WA.

    Healing Waters have been great from day one and a pleasure to deal with. Knowledge of the system is fantastic with Leith and Jutta always willing to answer any questions you may have and to assist as required.

    Overall, I have no hesitation in recommending this system to anyone. It\'s just like swimming in a crystal clear mountain stream with all the associated health benefits that come from bathing in clean and highly oxygenated water (except it\'s warmer)

    Steve Plas, Woodvale, Western Australia

  • We have just had a SwimFresh Ozone System installed on our new pool and could not be happier with our decision. After many months of research into the different water sanitising systems available on the market the decision was easy to go ahead with the chlorine free SwimFresh Ozone System.

    With myself suffering from psoriasis for the last 20 years, swimming in chlorine pools has always irritated my skin to the point of becoming very painful. Since swimming in the Ozone water not only do I not suffer the irritation of my psoriasis but to my amazement have actually found the dry, scaling skin to be clearing up after swimming in the water. Hopefully this will eventually reduce the amount of strong prescription creams that I need to use to control the symptoms.

    Our two children also have sensitive skin and they have not shown any signs of irritation either, which all points to many years of happy, healthy pool use ahead for us.

    We are also really impressed by Leith and Jutta\'s after sale service, they are always happy to answer any questions we have had and Leith\'s monthly service gives us peace of mind that our pool is in perfect working condition.

    Thanks Leith and Jutta, keep up the great work you are doing.

    Ben, Kallaroo, Western Australia